Facial Beauty Tips

How often should I have a facial?

We advise you book an Optiphi facial for effective results once a month.

Who can use Optiphi®?

In developing the optiphi® range of products, intensive research is conducted in selecting the most suitable actives at validated concentrations for a multitude of skin types. It is part of our aim and vision to create a range, which meets the needs of a wide range of consumers. optiphi® products are pH-balanced. It therefore not only restores the skin to a healthy condition, but maintains it. In the process of formulating the combination of ingredients of each product, attention is given to the selection of the right combinations which will work in synergy to restore the skin’s health, no matter what type of skin it is.


  • Avoid sun contact with direct skin always wear sunscreen from UVA And UVB which is a major cause of pre aging
  • Avoid make up after your facial

Invest in product:
Invest in a cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen

Benefits include but are not limited added hydration, improves skin density.

Source :  Optiphi