How to Wind Down this Festive Season

It’s that time of year when things slow down, and it’s the perfect opportunity for us to relax, put our feet up, and unwind. And the mood is just right: holiday lights are up, annual leave is on the way, and the daily grind is almost forgotten. So, whether you’re at home or travelling for the holidays, the goal is the same: turn off, let go of all the year’s expectations and pressures, and really enjoy your time away from the daily grind. This holiday season, The Beauty Studio has the best ways to help you relax.

1. Fabulous feasting

When it comes to bringing people together – food is the key. Whether it’s the smoky scent of meat on the braai, a roasting turkey or a meal at one of your favourite restaurants, your taste buds must be in for a treat this holiday season. Nothing says true relaxation like good, festive comfort food.

2. Holiday reading

There’s nothing better to forget the daily troubles and relax than a restful sleep. Reading, thanks to the relaxation it provides, is an ideal activity to do before going to sleep. Experts recommend reading for at least half an hour every night, since this makes our brain release tension, makes muscles relax, and helps us fall into a deep sleep.

3. A Spa Escape

Salons are one of the best places to unwind and for good reason. Time spent in the salon can help you feel more relaxed, sleep better, and de-stress. That’s exactly what the Beauty Studio is about. We’ve developed a serene, modern, and lovely beauty haven. In a beautiful, elegant, and highly professional salon setting, you can fulfil your self-care demands. We provide a variety of beauty treatments to help you quickly transition into a more relaxed holiday mentality.

The Beauty Studio, located at 29 Hamilton Avenue in Bryanston, offers a wide choice of treatments. Book a facial, pedicure, manicure or massage treatment. This is one of the best ways to ease up and unwind.

4. Go unplugged

Technology tends to keep us very busy and that’s okay because the world is becoming more and more digital. However, during your holiday, if you find that you’re unable to switch off or fully relax with your gadgets on – unplug from the online world and live in the moment. Have an uninterrupted day with loved ones, share a good laugh and make new memories.

5. Vacation or Staycation

Whether you’ve planned to stay at home or booked a flight to a different destination – there’s always something for everyone. For those going abroad – this is a perfect time for you to learn a different language, try a variety of foods and meet new people. And for those visiting some exciting destinations in SA, don’t forget to take in all the culture and beauty our country has to offer. And lastly, if you’re staying in – you can binge on Christmas movies, cook a good meal for yourself, extend your sleep hours and enjoy the long baths.

And there you have it, some great ways to spend this festive season – we hope that you enjoy every moment and make the very best memories.