5-Minute Beauty Confessions with Allison Turquoise

This week we speak to #WonderfulWoman Allison Turquoise.

Today she shares her 5-Minute Beauty Confessions with The Beauty Studio Team.

1.What does beauty mean to you?

My definition of beauty has evolved over the years. When I was younger I defined beauty in superficial terms, but the more I’ve seen and experienced the more I’ve come to realize that ultimately beauty is rooted in authenticity. Like so many women I’ve spent so much time, money and energy trying to adhere to society’s narrow definition of beauty. I’m so fortunate to have finally discovered that the only definition of beauty that matters is the one I create and strive to live by day by day.

2.What’s one of the best beauty products you’ve ever used and why?

Oh boy! It’s so tough to only highlight one product, but one of the best beauty products I’ve discovered recently is the Laniege Hydro UV Defense Sunscreen SPF 50+. My skin is constantly teetering between being incredibly oily and uncomfortably tight/flakey, so finding a sunscreen that leaves my skin comfortably hydrated but not greasy is a challenge. However, the Laniege SPF 50+ is so hydrating that I can apply it in the morning and skip the moisturizer without feeling tight throughout the day. And it also creates a lovely base for makeup application!

3.How has COVID and lockdown affected your beauty regime ?

I used to struggle with obsessing over unattainable beauty standards, especially in regard to my acne prone skin. But the lockdown actually taught me to be kinder to myself and helped put my skin-securities in perspective. As a result I’ve embraced a simpler routine with less steps and less actives, and my skin has actually been happier for it!

4.What’s your biggest strength?

I’m incredibly solution oriented. When faced with a challenge I’m very efficient at defining the desired outcome, weighing the possible solutions and settling on a course of action within a couple hours. It’s something I really pride myself on!

5.What’s a cause that is important to you?

Making the arts (and especially art education) more accessible. I majored in Art History in college and volunteered as an art instructor for 2 years. I’m a firm believer that art can allow us to explore and express experiences we are not able to put into words, and in that way can actually be quite therapeutic.

6.What are the 3 things you can’t live without?

Coffee, sunscreen and ASMR videos. I’m so obsessed with each of them that I feel like they are extensions of my personality now.

7.How would you define yourself in three words?

Strategic, curious and silly

8.What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

To show up for myself. I feel like so many people, especially women, find it easy to show up for everyone else, and yet neglect to show up for themselves. I’m making more of an effort to prioritize myself and not push myself to the brink of burnout.

9.What’s the last bit of self-care you performed?

I just finished my nighttime skincare routine and am about to enjoy to an ASMR guided meditation video before I go to bed. It’s part of my nightly self-care routine and really helps me release all the stress and worries of the day.

10.What does a successful 2022 look like to you?

Staying curious, finding joy in little, everyday moments and continuing to get out of my comfort zone.

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