5 Nail Trends To Inspire Your Next Manicure in 2020

2020 ushers in a new decade and it’s the perfect time to completely change your look or try something new. These are the trends we’ve noticed that are attracting attention and we’d love to create these looks for you.

1. The Updated French Manicure

The French manicure is the safe, go-to manicure but some are taking it a step further. Black French tip nails are starting to take off and people are experimenting with rainbows too.

2. neutral and minimalist

Neutral means understated but elegant. Why not try these ideas on if you don’t want to attract too much attention.

The cuticle dot is minimalist and a delicate nail-art design that plays on negative space.

Half moons are elegant

3. 90’s geometric revisited

The 90’s are making a comeback in bright and unconventional ways. Bright, wild and retro styles will be embraced again to add a little playfulness to your life. Leopard prints, geometric prints and bright and funky should be the order of the day!

4. Gradient nails

It’s an easy nail trend to adopt – choose five shades in a similar colour family and just apply. You can choose monochromatic colours (shades and tones of the same colour) or Analogous colours (three colors that are side by side on the colour wheel.)

5. experiment with different shapes

Square and rectangular nails have been making a comeback but 2020 should see some further epxerimentation with nail shapes. The trend will be tapered almond and coffin shapes. But experimenting with different shapes must also be practical to re-create and wear without breaking.