5-Minute Beauty Confessions with Lerato Solomon

This week we speak to #WonderfulWoman Lerato Solomon – One of our first nominees for our Wonderful Woman campaign, nominated by her friend, Galaletsang Phalatse.

Lerato is a mental health advocate and runs a successful mental health wellness business. She was diagnosed with depression and anxiety from the age of 10 and survived 4 suicide attempts. She now blogs, runs a podcast and webinars and has launched a mental, trauma and suicide helpline.

Her entire life cause is dedicated to normalising conversations about mental health issues and suicide. She’s also advocating and working towards getting mental healthcare access to everyone. She’s only 29 is making waves in the mental healthcare space. This is why she was nominated.

“She’s turned her bad and bitter story into not only a successful story but an encouraging business”, says Galaletsang.

Today Lerato shares her 5-Minute Beauty Confessions with The Beauty Studio Team.

1.What does beauty mean to you?

It means self-acceptance.

2.What’s one of the best beauty products you’ve ever used and why?

Mascara. I just love a good mascara and it emphasizes my beauty.

3.How has COVID and lockdown affected your beauty regime ?

Since lockdown I find that my skin is looking a lot more healthier and I think it is the minimal exposure to the sun and drinking lots of water than I used to.

4.What’s your biggest strength?

Kindness – I am gifted with a really kind heart and I have been able to use this gift to make a positive impact.

5.What’s a cause that is important to you?

Mental Health – I am a mental health advocate and my cause is dedicated to saving lives, normalising conversations about mental health and fighting mental health stigma.

6.What are the 3 things you can’t live without?

God, music and avocados 🥑(lol)

7.How would you define yourself in three words?

Passionate, courageous and gentle.

8.What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

Forgive yourself always.

9.What’s the last bit of self-care you performed?

I did absolutely nothing – I sat on the couch and binge-watched Netflix the entire weekend. Oh it felt so good!

10.What does a successful 2021 look like to you?

Healing, embracing every season I’m in, making an impact and having healthy relationships.

11. Would you like to nominate a wonderful woman and why?

Definitely my mom. She’s always been and done everything for everyone. From adopting many sons and daughters to feeding marginalised communities. She has a heart of gold.

Find her on social media here:



And her website – https://mentalmatterswithleratosolomon.co.za