5-Minute Beauty Confessions with Mahlohonolo Makena

This week we profile Mahlohonolo Makena, IT executive, mom and beauty fanatic.

1. What’s keeps you busy during the day?

Work, work and more work during the week and weekends its chores and my 8-year-old. Now with the lockdown, everything just blurs into each other – work and homeschool and clean and and and… The list is endless.

2. Where do you live, work and play?

I live Soweto Meadowlands, work at Nexio where I’m based in Midrand at Vodacom. I used to play wherever there is great music and good company. I wonder how that will change once lockdown is lifted?

3. What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty to me isn’t only on the outside I believe it starts from the inside – the inside is a true reflection of how you are seen.

4. What are 3 of your favourite beauty products that you can’t live without?

I’m pretty easy. My top 3 beauty essentials I can’t do without are:

  1. Lip balm
  2. Hand moisturizer
  3. Nail polish.

5. What does a successful 2021 look like to you?

For me, it’s truly being content that nothing will always go as I planned and celebrate the little that I achieve. This virus is really pushing me hard to just let go of the best-laid plans.