5-Minute Beauty Confessions with Keleigh Hendriks

This week we profile Keleigh Hendriks, mom, wife, gym bunny, animal lover, mountain biker, coffee addict and TBS customer too. Working in finance, she’s up at 4.30am religiously to get to the gym, and like so many others, piles on a hectic workday and the demands of family.  Today she shares her ideas of what beauty means to her in this week’s 5-minute beauty confessions.

1. What’s keeps you busy during the day?

Gym, kids, being a wife, a friend,  a daughter, a colleague. Every aspects has its demands on my time. Weekdays are full on, especially with CrossFit every morning. Weekends are filled with sports, being away at the Vaal, family outings or spent with friends.

2. Where do you live, work and play?

I live in Fourways, work in Sandton and play at the Vaal on weekends or I’m out mountainbiking wherever there is a race. Could be Gauteng or around the country.

3. What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty to me means self-acceptance. Once we accept and love ourselves, we become less judgemental of ourselves and then others. When we love ourselves, it opens us up  to be more loving to others and that for me is beautiful. It also changes your attitude to life and softens you which gives you that outer glow.

4. What are 3 of your favourite beauty products that you can’t live without?

My top 3 beauty essentials I can’t do without are:

  1. Dove soap – washing my face
  2. Nivea cream – body moisturiser
  3. Zambuck – works like a bomb for dry lips

5. What does a successful 2020 look like to you?

It’s a simplification of my life. It’s finding balance and structure between work, family, friends and my passions. If I get that right, I’ll have a successful 2020.

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